Thursday, 1 August 2013

The First Stealth Suit

So here is the first of soon to be five XV25 stealth suits. 

This guy was done with the same idea as the model below but with the "active camo" being the same colours as the base. I also wanted to avoid really light, contrasting highlights. This defies the whole point of the "stealth" if the highlights really stand out!

The first step was to prime black using the Chaos Black spray. Simple enough! Then the hard part. Well, it's not really difficult, but it does take a long time to do... A really long time. The first highlight was mechanicus standard grey, with a second layer of dawnestone at corners etc. I then tidied up the highlights with Abaddon Black... And encountered a major problem: the spray and paint, are very, very different. The spray is a "flat" black (I don't know how else to describe it) while the paint was kind of shiny. I fixed it though in the third step. 

I then basecoated the equipment with Mechanicus Standard Grey and highlighted with dawnstone (hard to see in the pic. Sorry!).

Next up, a heavy wash of Nuln Oil. This is a life saver: it dulls down the the highlights, shades the grey, and best of all, removes the difference between the two black paints. Phew!

This is how I hang my models up to dry: the antenna didn't get a wash as it is going to be green

The red on the model was done using a sponge. (note to self: post on that at some stage)
It's just Khorne red sponged on in a rough pattern, with Wazdakka red sponged on inside the lines of Khorne red.

The green on the antenna and squad markings is moot green, with the antenna washed with Biel-Tan green.

The energy effect is painted with Temple Guard blue, and then Barroth blue. This needs a bit of refinement but I've a few models to go. 

I painted the "active camo" with Castellan green, sponged with Doombull brown, and then washed with Athonian Camoshade. In hindsight, I should have used a second wash. Great thing, hindsight!

The base is done as per this tutorial

And here is the finished model. In the bottom photo, you can see the first splash effect I've done on an actual mini. As usual comments and criticism is always welcome!


  1. Looking great man! Love the transition effect, and the splash turned out awesome! Keep up the great work!