Saturday, 3 August 2013

Nurgle Chaos Lord: Part 1

This is the Nurgle Chaos Lord fully built. He was done before I painted the stealth suit in my last post but I nearly chickened out out of painting him. Not fully, but I might have left him until the last minute and not painted him well. I was really nervous about painting this guy as he was going to be an experiment in a lot of things. I'll get to that later though!

Here he is in comparison to a firewarrior.
The model was fun to build. The pieces that went together fit like a dream, and those that didn't (both hands were repositioned a bit) only took a little cut and a bit of greenstuff to make it work.

This is the skin tone I was aiming for. It's from this blog. I like the purple tone to the skin and I wanted something similar to it. But not quite as purple.

Here is my try at it. It was tough enough (I'll explain in a minute) but I got through it. It began with a basecoat of Cadian Fleshtone and Xereus purple. I then gave it a LIGHT wash of Druchii Violet. I added a little more flesh into the original mix and layered that onto the skin. Next came another LIGHT wash of Druchii Violet. I then added yet more flesh into the mix and put on another layer. Next, I added more flesh into the mix and added some Kislev Flesh. This was layered on and then I washed the whole thing with Bugmans Glow.
It's worth noting that a wet palette was key in painting the skin. I'll have a post up on that soon but I have to point out here that it wouldn't have been possible without it!

I was nervous to paint him for various reasons, despite that though he's been a blast to paint so far.
The reasons I've been nervous about painting him all fall under the single fact that he's a huge experiment. I'm not great with skin (I paint mostly armoured models) so he was an experiment in that regard. I'm also going to use some weathering powders (from Secret Weapon Miniatures) for the first time. Gulp! Plus, I'm giving him a banner... made of greenstuff... with a relatively complex design on it. 
Am I in over my head?


  1. Nice! I really like how that skin tone turned out! It's always good to try out new tools and techniques, it's the best way to learn what works for your style. Looking forward to seeing more of the big guy!

  2. Yeh I know. That's partly why I chose to paint this guy: a single mini to push me in three or four aspects and improvd my skills in general. Plus he's been fun to paint and I love the model!