Saturday, 10 August 2013

Nurgle Chaos Lord Part 2, Speed Painting(?), and 500 pageviews

He's coming along nicely, slowly but surely. The armour just needs the metallic weathering powder, when the models done, the axe needs to be done, the skulls etc. need to be painted, the horns need a bit more work and the gore, intestines and cloth are all done. Hopefully the next update will be the finished model and a few how to's!

The day of the painting competition, theres also two speed painting contests. One of them I'm considering entering: you buy a plastic character (like the lord above) and have two hours to build it and paint it! I'm thinking of painting the necromancer (I love the model!), but am undecided.

As a final note, I hit 500 page views earlier today! Thank You!!


  1. The skin tone you've achieved is absolutely fantastic, and the wounds and festering areas look absolutely disgusting. Great work, man!

  2. Thanks! Who'd have thought it: disgusting is a compliment!!

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers! I'll catch up with you in no time!!

  4. That is so disgusting my Sternguard are warming up the Hellfire Rounds.

    Congrats on 500 views!

  5. This is glisteningly good.

    All the best for the competition!

    - Drax

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