Saturday, 17 May 2014

Iron Lords Librarian

So, here he is: the first model I've painted since my break. I wanted to paint up a character figure, that I'd really enjoy painting, in order to get back into the swing of things. But I didn't want to make things too simple. If anything, I wanted to jump in at the deep end. This guy has blue armour, something I've never done before, yellow robes, that I've never done before, a new type of power sword, that I've never done before, and OSL, which I've never really done before. This should go well!

The armour and robes were kind of a stab in the dark. I wanted to do something slightly off the norm, while staying within the codex colours. For the robes, I painted them up as I would any cream robes, and glazed them yellow. The armour was based with Kantor Blue, but then I went with Sotek Green, Temple Guard Blue, and Baharroth Blue. I don't know, but I feel like it's far enough from the norm to stand out, but enough to still be clearly identifiable as a Librarian.

The shoulder pads are both made at least partially with greenstuff. The chapter symbol was cast from a mould I have and then trimmed down, nothing too fancy. The librarians symbol on the other hand was a pain. The one on the model was the third attempt, but it was something that I was determined to do. 

The power sword was something that I really wanted to try, as the model is intended to use pyromancy, if the discipline continues into the next edition. I knew what I wanted, and how to do it, but looked up a few tutorials online to back me up. Confident that I wasn't going to balls it up, I went on and did it. I'll post up a tutorial in a week or so, with a spare sword, because I didn't take any WIP pics.

This is where the fun began; my previous attempts at OSL involved precisely zip. I kinda just winged it, but basically I blended from red, through orange and into white at the centre. The blends aren't really smooth, and its not winning any golden demons, but when its not zoomed in twenty times like this pic, it looks pretty good I think. Any mistakes are really hidden by the tiny size of the area. 

All in all, I had a great time painting this guy up, and I have already started painting a few tactical marines. I also have a conversion finished to paint up after them. Hobby time will be limited this week as I have exams, but thereafter it's the summer! I love being a student! Finally, here's a sneak peek of next week! 


  1. The new powersword looks great. Model looks good as well. Nice highlighting and depth from washes.

    If you get a chance, try taking some photo of him in some natural lighting (possibly through a window with a curtain to diffuse the light). The spotlight/flash is a bit harsh on the model, and we lose detail because of it.

  2. Thanks for the complimens! unfortunately as I live in Ireland, good natural light is somewhat rare, but if I get a shot, I will add some pics to the article, and bare it in mind in future!

  3. Hmm...if no natural light is available, try breaking up the flash by bouncing it off something white (like a piece of paper). You can also drape a paper towel (temporarily) over some direct lights (such as table spot lamps), to soften the shadows.

  4. cheers for the advice! I'm not the most experienced in taking photos of minis!