Monday, 29 July 2013

Stealth Suits and Reposing

These guys have been built for a while but I only got around to taking photos today. 

This is the Shas'vre (team leader for those yet to see sense and join the Greater Good). He's armed with a fusion blaster and has a target lock as a support system. This lets him blow stuff up, without stopping the unit hailing nearby squads with anti infantry firepower. He is however magnetised so he can swap out his fusion blaster for a burst cannon, like the rest of the squad.
This is one of soon to be four Shas'ui armed with a burst cannon. He too is magnetised. He has been repositioned to be running.
This is the second Shas'ui I have at the moment. Again, he has been magnetised and positioned to be running.

Now, onto repositioning the legs. Short version: DON'T!

It's a bit of a pain. Well, to clarify, the first step is. The rest is dead easy to anyone who converts models regularly.

Step 1: cut the joints you want to reposition completely. First score the whole way around the joint. Then cut it right through. This is the hard part as the joints on these guys are not straight across. It requires more than a little fiddling around with the knife to get it right. Be damn careful doing this as one slip and you're in hospital (I've done it myself!) .
Step 2: use a hobby knife to score pilot holes in the middle of each cut surface and drill a few mm in to the limb.Put a pin in one of the holes and bend it until the other side is pointing the way you want the second piece to be pointing. Glue the pin into both holes

Step 3: fill in the resulting gaps with greenstuff. Simple.

 And here's the magnets on one of the models. These are dead easy; drill, and glue!

As a side note, I said in my last post that I was planning to enter these in a painting competition but after careful deliberation, I've decided not to for one simple reason: I'm painting them as part of an army. They'll stand out if painted to a higher standard than the rest of the army. So, I've decided to leave them out of the competition.


  1. Fantastic work, mate! Those really turned out well, and I definitely appreciate the tutorial - awesome stuff!

    Competition or not, I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out - are you going to continue with those swamp bases? I really dug those!

  2. Thanks. Yes I am keeping the swamp bases but I'm painting the models up a bit first, then pinning them on. The fire warriors are going on them soon. But the guy kneeling may be a problem: he doesn't fit on one!

  3. By the way, I'm dead serious about being careful with the knife. I know everyone says it but I nearly ended my hobby just after Christmas by not being careful. Those blades are seriously dangerous!!

  4. I hear that - I have two pretty good sized scars on my left hand from hobby-related accidents over the years. Fresh sharp blades are key, nearly all of my accidents and close calls have been from using a dulled exacto blade longer than I should have...

  5. I keep hearing that! People with dull blades getting cut. I'd only just changed the blade! When it slipped, it just missed the tendon controlling my thumb. I was lucky, and it taught me to be more careful!

  6. I applaud you sir on daring to go so far with those legs! They are some really nice pieces of work considering how damn fiddly they can be. I'll be intrigued to see what you do with crisis suits. ^^

  7. Thank you! I'm a converter by nature, so I just couldn't help myself! The crisis suits will probably be easier, as there will be little or no greenstuff involved.