Friday, 26 July 2013

National Painting Competition

This is simply an update post. I'm taking a break from painting my firewarriors for a short while to take part in this:

It is being billed as the national painting competition but seeing as there is only one GW store in the country, it's  basically a store competition. Nonetheless, I'm entering it for the fun of it. I'm planning on entering a stealth suit squad that I've built and a converted Nurgle Chaos Lord that I'm getting tomorrow. Basically I'm going to concentrate on these two entries until they're done, then return to the fire warriors.

The stealth suits as I said are built and I'll post them soon along with a built crisis suit and my WIP firewarriors. They have all been reposed and magnetised. The stealth suits are going to be painted up in a similar style to this:

The colours though will be the regular red and black with the changed area (brown on this guy) being the same as the bases. Simple (I hope!)!

The Lord however will be a bit more involved so I'll only post about him when I've got him built, but basically he's an experiment with skin and rust (and maybe weathering pigments) and a chance to paint a model that I absolutely love.

I'll have the suits up in the next few days as well as the firewarriors. Until then, 

Slán go foíl!


  1. Nice! Best of luck mate - I'm looking forward to seeing your entry! Cheers!

  2. Thanks. Looking forward to it as well. I've now got the model, the converting begins