Sunday, 14 July 2013

Commander Cyclone

Here it is, this is how my Tau commander got his name. (note I still have to get the model, but still...)

"Shas'O Sio'era'sha'is, known to the Imperium as Commander Cyclone, earned his name much as Commander Shadswosun did: through a single decisive victory. In the opening moves of the Ziest Campaign, a planet that was known in the Imperium as Angritus was re-invaded after the Tau conquered it. The Tau had an established colony there and needed plenty of time to evacuate. One by one though the cities fell to the brutal onslaught of Imperial Guardsmen and Space Marines. Only the capital remained in Tau hands, as well as pockets of the countryside. The Coalition Command on the planet faced seemingly only one option: abandon the planet and retreat. Much would be left behind and it would be a bitter blow, but the attack had been too swift and too vicious to repel. As they prepared the final evacuation, the recently promoted commander offered to buy them more time to retreat properly. He believed he could stall the Imperial forces long enough to evacuate all Tau personnel, loyal humans (Gue'vesa) and technology. Though sceptical, the command trusted their military leader and began a thorough and proper evacuation.

The young commander meanwhile journeyed with a single Hunter Cadre to the forests where the Imperial forces established their beachhead. Their commanders were still there, slowly moving closer to the front lines to languish in glory when the planet was secured. They had a large number of guards, at least ten times the number of the Tau stalking them, with armoured contingents of Leman Russes and Chimeras as well as sentinels and artillery. A path through the dense trees had been cleared and as they moved along it, the Tau positioned themselves.

Without warning, a fusillade of pulse rifle fire came through the trees at the Imperial forces. As one they turned and prepared to fire, but the Tau were long gone and before a single shot was fired, a second attack came, thirty degrees clockwise from the first. Again, every gun turned to face where it came from. More attacks followed and by the time they came back to the original position, the noose had tightened a bit. Some  attacks were pulse rifle fire, some railgun and heavy rail rifle fire from hammerheads and broadsides, some burst cannon and fusion blaster shots from crisis and stealth suits. Gradually, the cyclonic pattern of attacks pushed the Imperial forces back towards a central point.

Too late the Imperial commanders realised what was happening. They were already in the eye of the storm, but it was not calm. It was utter chaos. No-one knew where to fire, soldiers fled in all directions, tanks crushed their own forces in their desperation to find solid targets and the officers bellowed contradicting orders to troops that weren't listening. The army had been pushed into a space many times too small for it and that ended resistance more than the weaponry of the Tau. Before long, the Imperial leaders were dead and all forces on the planet were sent into disarray. The Tau were able to retreat and they escaped the planet at full fighting strength.

Through it all, a new legend was born: Commander Cyclone, Hero of Au'taal"

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