Monday, 17 June 2013


Image from 40k Wiki, originally from Space Marines codex 5th edition

I know, I am building an Iron Lords army, but I've always liked this colour scheme. It just looks so dark, grim, foreboding and ominous. It, for me, encapsulates the feeling of the 40k universe. Plus, their fluf
f is amazing: a chapter obsessed with chaos artefacts, possessed of a desire to use these weapons against those they were intended for, outcast by the Imperium, hunted by the Inquisition and still loyal to the Emperor, if not those who rule his domain. Awesome!so when I was rummaging through my bitz box, searching for a shoulder pad (you know when you see something, but can't find it when you need it!) I had the idea to build one!

sorry for the bad photo!

This guy has parts from regular space marines, plain chaos marines, Berserkers and even warp talons! he has a very "Chaosy" look to him, but I will paint him with imperial insignia. The backpack is a conversion that I first saw over on From The Warp. I like it on this model, as it gives him a more renegade, patched together look (in fitting with the "on the run" fluff) while keeping away from the "Chaos" silhouette of the sticking out backpack vents. I repositioned the arms slightly to give him a more dynamic pose and filed away a Khorne symbol on the chain hanging from his pistol. Other than that, he's a basic model made from spare bits.

The Relictors model in Codex: Space Marines 5th edition

This is the real reason that I painted him though. This is a model painted by 'Eavy Metal in the Relictors colour scheme and if you look above, it doesn't match the colour scheme in the codex. The one in the codex looks more metallic and, to me, cooler. So, I'm going to try to replicate it. I found nothing online so I decided to mostly make it up as I go along. I'm going to mix black and metal until it looks right and then paint him up. It may not be an official Relictor, but I'm not really going to use him. He's just for fun so, why restrict myself with anything else.
Sure, the regular grey is what everyone paints, sure it's the official scheme. But if I wanted what everyone else does, I'd play Ultrasmurfs.

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  1. So what progress have you made with the Relictors? Check mine out for ideas if you like grey marines "" seek the label 'Relictors' for plenty of pics. That picture from the Codex is actually a Reviler Marine, not a Relictor ;) you can just make out the yellow lightning strike on the shoulder pad. Relictors have Black pads, not grey.

    Hope to see your progress soon fella