Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Army Should Be Invincible!!

I hate this view on the game. When someone starts whining that some unit or army should be immune to X effects or should have Y statistics and free 2+ invulnerable save. I actually nearly lose faith in our hobby. The prime example is something I saw in the run up to the Eldar release. Rumours of the wraithknight's statistics had surfaced and Bell of Lost Souls held a "for and against" article on it. I nearly threw my computer against the wall. The argument against it centred on him not liking the stats.

Image from Games Workshop
 I now quote:
"I'm 100% biased towards the Eldar, don't get me wrong. I've been playing since RT and the Eldar since 2nd. I WANT the Suckknight to be awesome, it SHOULD be awesome. Unfortuneately it sucks. If every tournament winner was polled about the Wraithknight asking if they would ever field it, 90% would immediately say no, the other 10% just got lucky.
Broken record time, sorry...
T8 3+/5++ with 6W is getting ground into chuck fast, especially if what people claim about this being the 'shootiest' edition of 40k is true. Minimum change required is T10 and make it immune to Fleshbane/Rending/Wraithcannons/Instant Death/etc. and I still hate 5++. Should be T10 2+/4++ immune to Fleshbane/Rending/Wraithcannons/Instant Death/etc. and make it 300pts, make it get my point."

Is it just me or is this whining?
He asked for Toughness 10!!!!! With a 2+ armour and 4+ invulnerable!!!!! And then, he wants to make it immune to everything!!!!!

Seriously though, we've all come across this before surely. "Sternguard should be 5pts. cheaper" "No, they're already broken!" or "Grey Knights need better weapons" "No, they're broken too!"
That's what this argument is. He wants the wraithknight to be virtually impervious to any strength weaponry, with a great chance of stopping everything up to and including a thermo-nuclear warhead fired from a Battlebarge delivering Exterminatus on a planet. And then he wants to make him invulnerable to the few things in the game that would still have a chance of killing him (instant death, rending, fleshbane etc.). It's like listening to an idiot, or a five year old (or both!).

Two of the comments summed it up perfectly:
" "I don't like it, it should be nearly immortal and immune to every single weakness other MCs have to worry about for a minor points bump" "
"is that first guy actually serious. just sounds like a 13 yr old fanboy who wants his toys to be the best evarrrr!"

To me, it seems like a lethal model. It looks awesome, it has a giant cannon and it is a great addition to any Eldar army, as a centrepiece, if not a gaming piece.

What more do you want?

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