Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Secret Weapon Miniatures review.

I got these ages ago but have been really busy so I havn't had time to post this. These bases are from the blasted wetlands range from secret weapon miniatures. In short, they are amazing. they really are beyond belief!

I ordered the "ALL YOUR "BLASTED WETLANDS" BASES" which gave me 20X25mm bases, 5X40mm bases and two 60mm bases. They are only $36 and for what you get, I'd take that any day. I also ordered the "INSTANT SCENERY KIT: WETLANDS". This is great for adding extra detail to the bases and at only $15, it doesn't break the bank.
So, on to the review:

The detail is superb. There's nothing else to say. I'll let the pics say the rest

Next on the list is quality and for these, it is beyond great. On 27 bases, I couldn't find a single mould line and any bubbles were on the bottom. there was minimal flash and they required very little work other than cleaning the release agent off. 

I have some painted up now and I will post a step by step in the next few days. for now though, I will leave one bit of advice: if you are willing to spend the money and do the work (resin requires more work), these are a must buy. 

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