Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bitzbox Customer Review

Well, I got my second order from Bitzbox about a week and a half ago. So far, they have been on time, good quality and now I know they have excellent customer service.
The first order was only a few bits, nothing major. I ordered it on a Friday, and the second Monday, it arrived. Everything was there, it arrived within the stated timeframe for EU customers, and the shipping rates were quite reasonable.
For my second order, I got a lot more. Shoulder pads of various sizes, forge world lightening claws, various bolters (I'll post on most of these next week), as well as five shields, one of which I used on the Nurgle Lord I just finished and other bits and pieces. I deliberately went over £20 to get free shipping! That's a great deal, any day of the week. I ordered it again as a Friday, and it arrived on a Monday again. I opened it up, and... there was a bit missing. It wasn't major, and I didn't need it urgently. I looked up the website, and they had a page dedicated to it. I filled in the form, and it sent an email to the owner. I got a computerized response that he'd get right on it. Then nothing. Then, on Monday, I got the bit in the post. No warning, no email... NO POSTAGE!!

That's what I call customer service. For my bits, I'm sticking to Bitzbox!

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