Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tau Empire: The Plan Part 2


Image from Gamesworkshop
I'm not going to claim that this is a very competitive army list. I don't play competitively so the list is just mostly what I fancy. There are however some musts for a Tau gaming army and they are in this list. I obviously have fire warriors as a strong core and the "non-essential essential" units of pathfinders. Other than that, the models are all models that appeal to me as minis or because of their background. So, on with the list:


  • Commander with XV8-02 Crisis "Iridium" battlesuit, Onager gauntlet, neuroweb system jammer, shield generator, target lock, cyclic ion blaster and fusion blaster. 
  • 2 XV8 bodyguards, one with twin linked fusion blaster and target lock, one with twin linked burst cannon and counterfire defence system.


  • 8 fire warriors led by Shas'ui. bonding Knife ritual
  • 8 fire warriors led by Shas'ui
  • 8 fire warriors led by Shas'ui


  • 3 battlesuits led by Shas'vre. one with flamer, burst cannon and counterfire defence system. one with twin linked burst cannon and counterfire defence system. Shas'vre with airbursting fragmentation projector , fusion blaster and target lock.
  • XV104 Riptide battlesuit with ion accelerator, velocity tracker and early warning system.


  • 10 pathfinders led by Shas'ui
  • 10 pathfinders led by Shas'ui
  • sun shark bomber with disruption pod and decoy launchers


  • hammerhead gunship with sub munition rounds and automated repair system, piloted by commander longstrike.

so there's the list, please comment if you have any thoughts about it.


some of the magnets that I will use on this army
for the Tau, if a piece of equipment doesn't work in a certain situation, they'll use something else. If they're facing a mechanised army, they won't use flamers for example. Also, for some models (battlesuits!) their guns are more points than the models. so it makes no sense to limit my models in terms of weaponry. The solution? magnetise them. I have decided to magnetise every weapon option for the battlesuits so that I can swap them when I want. I will post a guide for this the first time that I do it. It's really not that hard but I know that it can be intimidating for some people. It certainly was for me until recently. Hopefully I can clear it up for some people.

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